CAL4MIX SYRUP (Calcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D3)

CAL4MIX SYRUP (Calcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D3)

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Syrup for Kids


Calcium Support for Your Healthy Development 

Cal4mix syrup, which contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin D3, supports the vitamin and mineral needs of the children and adults. • Calcium is essential for the normal growth and development of children's bones. • Calcium contributes to energy formation metabolism and muscle function. • Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes. • Magnesium and calcium are necessary for the protection of normal bones. • Magnesium and calcium are required for the protection of normal teeth. • Magnesium contributes to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. • Magnesium contributes to normal protein synthesis. • Zinc contributes to the protection of the immune system. • Vitamin D3 contributes to the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus. 

Usage: Children fall within the age group between 4 and 10, should take 1 cup (5 ml) once daily. Adults over 11 years should take 1 cup twice daily.