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Green Energy - Yogi tea

Green Energy - Yogi tea

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Green Energy

Is your battery running low? Then let this intensely-flavoured tea uplift you. Green tea is given a special kick thanks to the addition of fruity lemon verbena and elderflower with a little ginger, guarana and kombucha extract. YOGI TEA® Green Energy thereby refreshes you in a completely natural way!

 The tea for everyone who enjoys feeling vivacious.

Here's a tip:

Yoga for Energy - Archer Pose

Stand comfortably with your right leg forward and your left leg turned out, keeping the body square. Bend the right knee and let your right leg carry your weight. Now make your right hand into a fist with the thumb pointing upwards, stretching the right arm straight out so that the thumbnail is held at eye level. Imagine that you are holding a bow with your right hand, the bow string is pulled back with your left hand and arm. Breathe slowly and deeply whilst concentrating on your imaginary target. Hold the posture for 1-3 minutes each side. (Archer Pose is believed to strengthen and balance the nervous system.)


Green tea* (65%), lemon grass*, guarana* (7%), peppermint*, elderflower* (3%), ginger* (2,5%), natural strawberry flavour, black pepper*, dried Kombucha-drink* (fermented tea), bergamot oil*, lemon verbena*, lemon oil*, vanilla beans*, natural vanilla flavour, natural passionfruit extract.

 * Certified organic

Brewing Suggestions:

Pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water over the teabag. Allow to infuse for 5 minutes.

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