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Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract

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850mg x 60 Capsules

Green Tea Extract

Being Fit Is Good 

Do you gain weight as a result of malnutrition? The way to avoid this situation passes through herbs and herbal products which are the most natural supports. Green tea and green tea extracts in the content of this product help to lose the fat accumulated in the body, and help to support weight control as well. Another plant that is known to help weight control is Guarana seed. The use of direct extract of Guarana seed/Direct use of Guarana seed extract can help weight control; and it also plays an important role in increasing the body resistance. It is high time to meet Fitoks to keep up with a fit and healthy life. Usage: Adults over 11 years of age are recommended to take 1 tablet, twice a day. Warning: This product is not recommended for use by patients with high blood pressure, and pregnant women. 


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