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Hawthorn Mixed Herbal Tea

Hawthorn Mixed Herbal Tea

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40 Teabags



Hawthorn Tea 
Instant Teabags 
Natural Herbal Functional Tea  


Hawthorn - Mixed Herbal Tea 

Ingredients: Leaf and flower of Hawthorn, balm, olive leaf, green tea, buckwheat, rosemary, Pomegranate flower, milfoil, Milk thistle. 

Hawthorn is from Rosaceae family. Hawthorn is common almost throughout Anatolia, and twenty species are grown in our country. Hawthorn fruits contain saponins, glycosides, flavonoids, acids which also include ascorbic acid, and tannins. 

Plants in its content could help regulating the blood flow, and stabilizing the heartbeat rate. 

It is believed that hawthorn provides positive contributions to the blood pumping of the heart; and in studies carried out, it has been emphasized that it might contribute to strengthening cardiac functions, by means of the antioxidants it contains, protecting the blood vessels, and preventing atherosclerosis. 

This tea contains hawthorn that has lately come to the order because of its positive effects on cardiovascular health, and various plants such as olive leaf, and flos granati. 

It is a tea consists of special blending of the plants which have been used in order to protect the cardiovascular system. 

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