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PERST Saw Palmetto Herb (Anti-Prostate Enlargement)

PERST Saw Palmetto Herb (Anti-Prostate Enlargement)

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670mg x 60 Capsules


Protect Yourself Against Prostate 

BPH (prostate enlargement) is the disease of men over the age of 40 in general. 50% of the men over 50, 65% of those in between 60-70 years old and 90% of those older than 80, BPH develops. Although it is thought that it develops because of estrogen hormone levels change by aging, the definite reason is unknown. Prostate enlargement is not because of enlargement of the cells in prostate but abnormal increase of cell number (hyperplasia). This is a special product formulized with herbal mixtures developed by traditional medicine and natural herbs which modern medicine approves and suggests. For the irritation symptoms such as urinating in pain, frequent urinating and probably urinating at nights, late start of urine flow; it is advised as a helper. 

Suggested Usage: For adults, 2 capsules twice a day during meal.
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