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1300mg x 30 Capsules 


There is Protection in its Essence! 

This product contains turmeric extract, olive oil, and black pepper. India is one of the countries with the lowest cancer incidence where turmeric is grown, and very widely used in traditional treatment methods. Curcumin is the most important of the bioactive components obtained from the rhizomes (Rhizoma Curcumae) of this plant. It has been established that its antioxidant effect is superior to Vitamins E and C. Curcumin hardly dissolves in water, and its bioavailability is limited. For that reason, by dissolving curcumin in olive oil, its bioavailability has been increased by 185 times. By adding piperine as well in the turmeric softgel, its efficacy has been increased by 20 times. As a result of these studies, higher absorption, and switching to a faster blood circulation, and stronger efficacy have been ensured. There are clinical studies with respect to its capability to help protection against infections, and boosting the immune system. Usage: Adults over 11 years of age may take 1 capsule, once a day.

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