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Willow Herb Mixed Herbal Tea (Anti-Prostatitis)

Willow Herb Mixed Herbal Tea (Anti-Prostatitis)

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40 Teabags



Natural Willow Herb Tea 
40 teabags 
Natural Herbal Functional Health Tea Bags for Prostate   


Ingredients: Horsetail, willow herb, celery seed, cypress cone, couch grass, harmal seed, immortelle , nettle root , saw palmetto extract, couch grass extract.

Horsetail, Willow herb (%18), Celery Seeds, Cypress, Couch-Grass, Netle Root, Peganum Seed, Common, Saw Palmetto Extract, Cypress Extract. 

This is a plant called willow herb as it is tied on non-healing wounds according to Anatolian tradition. In willow herb, there are silicic acid, potassium salts, flavon glycosides, saponin, alkaloids, bitter substances, and tannin.   

It could be used as a help in inhibiting excessive secretion of prostaglandins, thus to prevent formation of infection, preventing prostate enlargement, at first and second phases of benign prostatic hyperplasia, and against prostatitis. 

Saw palmetto in its content is a plant known to be used by the Indians against urinary tract infections. Lately, it is being used as it reduces the effect of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) enzyme which causes hyperplasia. Researches made have revealed that the saw palmetto ensures a 13% wane in prostate tissue.

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